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To help you relax and keeping you looking your best all year round

Massages: Treat yourself or perfect as a gift

At Quintessential you will receive first class service and individual attention. We excel at personal pampering and making our esteemed clientele feel extra special.


We believe having a massage once a month should be a necessity rather than a luxury. In our daily routines, it is easy to forget how stressed our bodies and mind can become, so it is imperative to have time to completely switch off and find your inner self to get help repairing tired muscles and joints. We offer a deep strong massage or a relaxing aromatherapy massage to provide you with the best solution. All massages are customised to your specific needs. Treat yourself or someone special to help them to relax and feel like new!

Whether you’re looking for wax treatments for an upcoming holiday or simply as part of your regular beauty regime, then look no further than Quintessential. We have experienced beauticians who are discreet and professional, giving you a comfortable and more pleasurable experience.


We use a combination of wax strips and hot wax to ensure the best results. We only use hot wax for intimate waxing such as the Brazilian wax and Hollywood wax, making these particular treatments much less traumatic and more pleasurable. So if you are looking for an effective waxing service for legs, arms, eyebrows or intimate waxing, choose Quintessential.

Waxing: For long lasting beauty results

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Luxurious massages and wax treatments in Ludlow

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